Feb 18, 2010

Learning A Language Through Translation

Learning different languages is very interesting. It is amazing how language affects the people of a nation's bonding to each other. In my case, I only speak two languages. English and Filipino.

It takes a long time for me to understand other people's talking because their language is different than mine...Spanish for example. Though my country has a Spanish influence, I could not speak the language. We only speak some words it. It is one of the languages that I find interesting to learn. If I am remembering it right, we had a Spanish language curriculum in high school back home. But, sadly, it was abolished. Filipino is my mother tongue.

Here in the place where I work, I am having a hard time understanding Spanish whenever my co-employees (Mexicans) talk to each other. Some of them are my acquaintances already. They translate Spanish words to me so I know their meaning.

On the other hand, my husband wants to learn speaking Filipino. Whenever we are on vacation in the Philippines, my sister and I are his translators in family conversations. Now, he is beginning to understand Filipino words in translation. I, too, is interested in this online translation, that I newly learned, which will help me understand other languages.

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