Feb 14, 2010

Nice Hot Shower And A Good Night Sleep

Happy V! So where is the date gonna be?

My husband and I had an advance Valentines date Friday night. We stayed in a hotel close by because our apartment still had no power until this morning. An overnight stay at Extended Hotels conveniently saved our day.

Anyway, it was a pretty convenient hotel to stay in because it has a small built-in stove top and a kitchen sink. The bathroom is nice too. The hotel provides Wi-Fi access but they are charging it per stay. It was just an overnight hotel accommodation but we had a really nice hot shower and a good night sleep.

Speaking of Valentine's date today, I am thinking of going to Downtown Fort Worth after I get off from work tonight. I hope my honey likes the idea.


gracia said...

reminding you madame with the donate button.. need it for our church website.ty.

MinnieRunner said...

So, how was it? Did he like your idea?

Mhar's Display said...

@ Gracia
hi, I sent you an email on how you can create a donate button from PayPal. Did you get my email?

@ MinnirRunner
yes, he liked it. We went to Downtown Fort Worth for our Valentine's date :)