Feb 15, 2010

I Am Ready For Summer 1

As early as now, we are planning our summer vacation this year. In fact, we already have a destination in mind. Good timing for the plan because my cousin E and her husband is already back.

This year, our plan will be an out-of-state travel. Might be in the beaches of South Carolina. My cousin already searched the Myrtle Beach Hotel. To her it looks very accommodating. But Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotel might be better, you think? I love the beach. And I would like to have a vacation with my cousin. Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotels might be the good choice this time.


*MrsMartinez* said...

I love summer and the beach! wooohoo~xoxo

Mhar's Display said...

@ MrsMartinez
same here. I can like spending most of my time at the beach.