Feb 4, 2010

Do Not Pretend

If you are sad, do not pretend that you are happy. Because it will just make your bad day worse. Look for something to cheer you up. Think of something that will make you feel lighten and enthusiastic. If the reason of your being sad is somebody, do not talk to him or her for a moment. This is to give yourself a little privacy giving yourself some time to think of what will make you feel better.

If you are upset with someone, do you tell it to his or her face? I can't. When I do, I will just burst into tears. That makes me sad. So I just keep it to myself. A number of people had made me upset. Some of them are close to me. I guess they are unaware that they are hurting my feelings. Or should I say, they are just ignorant. Being straight forward is understandable, but we have to watch the words coming out of our mouth sometimes.

In moments like these, writing helps. Now I feel better :)


imelda said...

you are right pretensions will lead to nothing

AngelBaby said...

This is so true. Do you say anything or do you keep it to yourself? You could try just saying ouch when they hurt your feelings then they would know. I know that I generally keep it to myself when the person is very mean because it won't do any good, I will just end up in a big fight with them and no one wins.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Love and Blessings,

poray said...

mao btaw ni nka nice sa blog dai ky makapahungaw ta sa ato gibati hehehe...dli mn na ignorant tawag anang mga tawhana dai, tactless. nya raba kng ikaw mo straight nila storya dli na mo lipod2 ug ingon na maut ka batasan lol...dli jud angay patulan ky makasakit sa dughan

Mhar's Display said...

@ imelda
if you just keep on ignoring them, they will keep on hurting your feelings. it's better to confront them sometimes. if they accept their fault, that's good for the friendship. but if they get mad, fine. Avoid them.

@ AngelBaby
I keep it to myself. But if the time comes that it's too much, I strike back :)

@ poray
naa jud tawo ingun ana ray oi. ambot ngano ba. pero sabot na lang ko kay mao bitaw ako described sila as ignorant kay wala sila kasabot unsa maayo kinaiyahan.


joy said...

i have same issues with you. i find it too difficult to confront people when they did something wrong to me. i know i need to address this problem. belated happy birthday! parehas pa la tayong aquarius! thank you for your birthday greetings yesterday!

Rose said...

way to go, if I'm sad I talk with God :)

Mhar's Display said...

@ joy
you are welcome. yep, sometimes it is hard to confront the people who made us upset. but in time, we just had to hit them back.

@ rose
I pray to God too.