Feb 7, 2010

A Problem Solver You Will Be

I cannot remember how many times I was upset because I could not get my Math answers right. When I was a student in high school, I struggled with Mathematics. There's now way I could get Math help. It was my perseverance that had pushed me through to pass the subject.

There was no Internet available for me at that time. Resources was hard to fine because of my status in life. Anyway, I am thankful I passed the subject with flying colors :)

Students today are very lucky because Internet is accessible. Math Tutors Online are available for free wherever, whenever. A Math Problem Solver you will be as soon as the skill is enhanced.


burn said...

This is helpful to our students who have difficulty in understanding Math..

Thanks for the visit.

""rare*jonRez"" said...

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grace said...

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Umar Abdul Aziz Bin Hj Mohd Affandi Bin Abdul Rahman said...

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vinoth said...

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Sissym said...

There was a time I did not like math, I discovered that the biggest problem is the teacher who has no teaching. When we find a good teacher, we have a chance to really understand. I like it.

Kisses from Rio. Here is soooooo HOT! So much!

eden said...

great post. thanks for the sharing the link.

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