Feb 22, 2010

Proud Of Ourselves

Things accomplished in our three-day weekend:

1. Huge pile of laundry - Glad to finish them Friday.

2. Packed and shipped the two Balikbayan boxes (to the Philippines, yeah baby!) - From months of gathering and preparation, the two packages were finally shipped. The approximate delivery time to the Philippines is 45 days so my family will be receiving them mid-April.

3. Grocery shopping for the week - As usual, this is a weekly routine :)

4. Cleaned the kitchen - Actually, I did some scrubbing and wiping here. Then I started preparing supper after.

You know what? The big accomplishment for the week was the shipping of the two Balikbayan boxes. My honey and I have been planning their shipment since Christmas last year. We kept on forgetting because of the hectic schedules during the holidays. Anyway, the packages were shipped. Now my family, especially my niece and nephews, will be very anxious to receiving their presents.

My honey and I did not go somewhere we thought of going this weekend. We did a lot of important things instead. We are proud of ourselves :)


MinnieRunner said...

And congratulations for accomplishing all of 'em :)

gracia said...

There is blessing in sharing...amen?

grace said...

was here maam

Tey said...

hahahah, like you.., I love blogging about my activities and plans. It just relieves tension.. Congrats for the job well done.
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AngelBaby said...

Wonderful, I love weekends like that where I get allot accomplished. It feels so good to get it all done.

Have a wonderful day!

Love and Blessings,

Marms said...

@ MinnieRunner, gracia
thank you. i feel relieved somehow :)

@ Tey
It's just that you need to see your accomplishment not only when it happens but also on paper :) Yea, it feels good.

@ AngelBaby
It's only during the weekend we can really focus on doing such things.