May 26, 2010

First Pregnancy Sonogram

'Got a first picture of my baby :) I was so misty eyed when my OB/Gyn took the first sonogram on my 11th week of pregnancy, and she showed me the heartbeat, the measurement, and the 3D image. My baby is so beautiful.

Everybody in the family is very happy when they saw the sonogram. Whenever they come to my parents' house, my niece and nephew requests my sister to open the pictures in her laptop so they can see them again.

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Sissym said...

My dear,

These memories are wonderful, I remember the excitement I felt when I saw my daughter on an ultrasound (sonogram). I remember perfectly the profile of her nose with upturned.


texas_sweetie said...

lagi nindot kau ang feeling oi nga nakit an for the first time..ana man jud na mar basta pinangayo jud nimo ang magka anak murag mahilis ato kasing kasing everytime pakita sa sonogram unsa na ila porma..soon nana jud ka liwat sa amerkano as in himaya kau sa kalibutan

merce said...

Hay....sangku gyud siguro sa langit ang imong gibati nga kalipay ana mhar's nuh?
kay pila mo katuig naghulat ana?
sus,kanindot tan-awon sa baby...

ingat lang kanunay!

Tina said...

you have a pretty baby, sis. :) i have a sonogram of my son too, three years ago and I still have it, I keep it in my baby's photo album.