May 31, 2010

No Coffee For Me For A While

Drinking coffee has been my habit since I was a teenager. Coffee is a part of our daily breakfast at home. With a plate of rice, fried dried fish and eggs, or pieces of pandesal with margarine and a cup of hot coffee will make our morning going. I tried drinking milk once in while but never get used to it.

My parents, siblings and I help one another to get the children in the family into the habit of drinking milk. So far, it is getting successful.

Now that I am pregnant, I need to get extra calcium for my body and baby's development. My doctor advised me to drink three glasses of milk a day! I know it is too much but I need to follow her advice. It is for the health of me and my baby.

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Enchie said...

Me too had to cut on caffeine when I was pregnant, Had to think of the baby's health. Don't worry, it's not going to be as hard ;)

Anonymous said...

Try almond milk, or soy milk. Both are healthy alternatives.

Mhar's Display said...

@ Enchie and anonymous, I am trying my best to like milk now :)