May 5, 2010

Mother's Day Gift To Me

OMG! I did not expect this lovely gift from my girl friend D. She came to me in my area to get her pass for the things she shopped at Zales. Suddenly she said, "O Mar, this is for you. It's from me and N okay? For mother's day." Then she smiled. I know what for :) I was like, "Really? Oh, thank you so much. How sweet!" I was so surprised.

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Sissym said...

Our day is arriving. Here in Brazil will be next sunday.
I wish you the best.

Marly, my dear, I invite you to share this award that I won, you are invited to:


Mhar's Display said...

Hi Sissy my friend. thank you so much for the lovely award. surely will post it here.
happy mother's day in advance.


Sissym said...

Marms, yes have links of our friends there. See the name of Mhar's Display, click it and you will fly to here!!!

Missing my friend! Wonderful day to you!

Anne said...

mothers na u pala mami Mhars. Happy moms day!

alf said...

happy mother's day to you dear.

Rose said...

touchY! ^__^ happy mothers day ^_^

Yen said...

HAppy Mothers day Mhar. Ang cute naman ng bigay sayong necklace ng girlfriend mo. :-)

Mhar's Display said...

thank you ladies :) I appreciate your compliments.


Ana Cristina said...

Hi friend, thanks for dropping by. Wish you a happy weekend!