May 9, 2010

Surprising Gesture Of Love

Tired and hungry from work. My body is ready to relax and my stomach is ready to digest a delicious dinner. But these were before I got home.

My honey cooked a two-course meal this evening. He made lomein and stir-fry shrimp and pork with vegetables. I thought of this as a special dinner for Mother's Day to me. Haha!

The surprising gesture was, my honey has a bouquet of red roses for me on the table. It comes with a greeting card. Though it is not a Mother's Day card, the words written in it are enough to touch my heart. It is a mother-to-be present for me. This morning I thought if my honey does not come up with something, I will be very disappointed. But he surprised me!

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Marianne said...

That's so sweet. I want a romaantic and sweet husband if i'll get married. Para nandun pa rin yung kilig factor eventhough you're both old na.

Sissym said...

So romantic... Happy Mom's Day, my friend!

lina@happy family said...

So sweet couple...

I've already placed your link before. Check it in Friends' links...

Ana Cristina said...

Thanks for your visit. Have a nice Wednesday!

Mhar's Display said...

@ Marianne
Thank you for leaving a comment in my post. I hope you will find a sweet guy in the future. That would be great :)

Sissy, Lina
thanks for the comment, happy mother's day too.

@ Christina
you are welcome.


hair said...

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