May 16, 2010

Our Vacation In Florida Was Wonderful!

This is a guest post by Yolanda Rice

Last summer my husband and I decided to take the children and visit our friend in Florida. She happens to live near Sea World and Disney land, which made for a wonderful holiday experience. The children were eager to see her and her children again as it had been close to a year since we had seen any of them. So we started making our plans to go and stay for a week.

When the time came we made sure that we had packed everything we were going to need. We took the dog to a kennel and made sure she was settled in and comfortable. Then we made sure that we had the house all secure and that we set our ADT wireless home alarm system before we set off on our trip. We had decided to drive instead of fly, so we were packed up and on our way.

The trip took us a few days, which was pretty good considering we were traveling with two little children. Once we arrived in our friends town we contacted her so that she was prepared for us. We had made plans to stay at her house for the time we were going to be there for our vacation. We were all so happy to see each other again. We spent the next week with her showing us all around and taking us to all the attractions and sites. The children loved it and we had a great time too. She told us that the next time we came to visit we must stay with her and her family again.

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Sissym said...

I do not know yet the USA, only few countries in Europe. But I intend to go soon to Florida being one of the places to visit.

Tey said...

Hi marly, We have been planning to visit Florida but unfortunately our budget is short for this year... Thanks for sharing
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Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi Marly, may you have a nice weekend. :)