May 11, 2010

Manageable Hairstyle

After thinking and waiting for weeks, I finally had my hair cut. That was two weeks ago. Since we came back from vacation, I have been wanting my hair to have a new look. I mean, not really the glamorous look but, the style that I am used to. I am comfortable with this hairstyle because it is easy to manage. My hair is straight and stubborn :)

I tried putting highlights on and curled my hair only once (a long time ago). I do not think I will do it again. I love my hair. A very nice shampoo and conditioner help keeping it soft, manageable and smelling good.

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len said...

yeah, nice hair! :-)

lina@happy family said...

Your have beautiful black hair :)

Sissym said...

Marly, first, I tell what I did with great joy:

After, your hair is not short and has a beautiful brightness. I also wear my long hair, always liked. But I know one day I will be obliged to cut a little more, because I'm not so young.


burn said...

Bagay sa'yo yong cut ng hair.

zisya said...

nice hair ;)