Aug 2, 2010

The Trip To Galveston

Though summer is the hot season, it is still my favorite season of the year (next to spring). Swimming, traveling, and eating are some of my favorite things to do in the summer (chuckles). I see to it that we travel at least once this season.

Recently, we went to Galveston, my mother-in-law's hometown. It was my first time in the island. Bad timing because we did not know there's a storm coming. Despite of the bad weather, my honey and I enjoyed walking along the beach. We even fed the seagulls. It was fun! We ate in the seafood restaurant and shopped at The Strand Downtown Galveston.

We stayed in a beach house my parents-in-law rented for a week. The beach house is located west of Jamaica Beach.

The bad weather did not allow us to swim because of the waves. But others enjoyed playing with the waves and the sand. Two weeks after we got back from Galveston, we had a swimming date by the pool at the apartment.

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