Oct 11, 2011

Account Locked

So after few days of waiting to solve my problem with the other online payment service, here comes another one.  I waited for a week to have them unlock my account.  Well, it is my fault because I did not provide the complete information.  Anyway, that problem was solved.  I was happy because I thought my money will be transferred to my bank now.  That is my earnings from online jobs.  But when I tried logging in, the password did not match to what I supplied.  What a pain!  I am pretty sure I remember my log in password. I reached the three attempts and they all failed.  My account is locked again.  So I now I have to undergo to the password retrieval process.  Arg!  It will take another week, again, before I receive a response from them.  I hope the problem will be solved soon.  For the meantime, all I have to do is wait....(sigh).

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