Oct 14, 2011

Sister's Debut

"Happy 18th Birthday to my baby sister today!  You have grown into a young lady now.  We are wishing you the best of everything.  God bless you."

My baby sister turns eighteen years of age today.  Whoa!  Seems like yesterday and, oh how time flies so fast.  She is the tallest among the four of us, man.  Well that is what afternoon naps can do, I believe.

Her birthday celebration will be next weekend because this week is their examination week in school.  We planned for the dinner party for two weeks now.  The party is going to be held at a resort hotel in Ormoc City.  I hope everything will turn out fine.  She is very excited and anxious about this.  The function room and hotel accommodations are finalized already.  She and the family invited most of the guests personally.  The souvenirs are on their way.  We still need to work on some few things this week.  After that, we are all set for the dinner party.

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Mommy's Bright Bundles said...

I love birthdays! Greetings to your sister.