Oct 6, 2011

Quick Tips For Buying A Used Cell Phone

Saving money is very important.  Yes it is.  If you do not want to buy brand a new cell phone, buying a used one to save money on cell phones is acceptable depending on your budget.  So here are quick tips for buying used cell phones:
  • Make sure phone is compatible with your cellular network.  Research online or call service provider to confirm.
  • Do not buy lost or stolen!  Ask to see original receipt, or look up serial number (usually under battery, sometimes called IMEI, MEID or ESN).  Then call provider to verify.  NEVER buy if seller will not let you research.
  • Test the phone.  Ask seller to fully charge the phone so you can "test drive" features.
Always be careful in making transactions.  I hope these tips help.


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Sell Cell Phone said...

Thanks for sharing those tips! It's will be a great help to me because I'm planning to buy a phone.