Oct 14, 2011

Time Is Precious

I always have been fascinated with jewelry and accessories.  The most precious accessory collection for me is a watch.  I like automatic watches.  And I do not deny that I enjoy shopping for accessories like watches for myself or for a a loved one.  In fact, each adult member of my family back home received these as gifts during our vacation two years ago.  Some of them I bought online because good deals were for a grab.

My honey also gave me a watch as a gift on my birthday.  I wore it everyday until I got pregnant.  I gained weight due to pregnancy so I bought a new for on-the-go use.  Wearing a time-piece has become a part of my personal routine.  I cannot leave the house without it.  There was a time in my life (years before I got married) when I had a strapless watch.  My clothing has to have a pocket because I put the watch in there.  So whenever I had to check for time, I would just take my watch out of my pocket.  Or sometimes, I put it inside the pocket of my purse.  Weird, right? That watch is still in my possession up to now.  I value the things that are given to me.

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