Oct 16, 2011

Web Hosting Promo

I love shopping.  It is one of the outlets I turn to when I feel upset or...bored.  The Internet is a big help to shoppers like me who does not only want superb quality, also finding items with a very good discount deal is remarkable as well.  I always watch for promotional coupons so I can grab them at a very least price.

But, besides stuff like handbags, clothing, shoes and accessories, I do shop for cheap intangible things like domains or web hosting for my blog.  This blog of mine is the only one that needs hosting now.  I have been searching for an online website hosting service for some time now that offers unlimited bandwidth capacity and good user service.  In addition, I have to learn how website hosting works.  I do not want to commit until I know how to maintain my website.

However, if something comes up from my hosting shopping that will satisfy my search I will definitely have this blog hosted sooner or later.  I think all of my blogger friends have already have their blog hosted and I am the only one who is left behind.  But no hurry.  I will get there.

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Rovie said...

hi... here today... thanks for visiting...

care to exchange links with all my blogs?

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Mhar's Display said...

Hi Rovie, thanks for stopping by. Appreciate you.
I would love to exchange links with you.


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