Oct 20, 2011

A Busy Yet Entertaining Week

It is the weekend again.  I bet everyone has a plan for out-of-town trips, picnic, a visit to the park, go to a friend's house, or just stay at home relaxing while sipping a glass of wine.  This was an exciting week for us, pretty much.  The Texas Rangers won the 2011 ALCS Baseball and now they are playing in the World Series.  This evening they won the Game 2.  Our attention were kinda divided Wednesday night, when the St. Louis Cardinals and Texas Rangers played the first game, because we were also watching Survivors. 

Another exciting event this week was the preparation for my sister's birthday party which will be held this Saturday.  I did most of the transactions remotely and wireless.  Everything's paid off so the last few things my family members have to do besides getting dressed for the party are pick ups (cake, balloons, and flowers).  I did some phone calls too, mind you.  I bet my phone bill for this month is going to be high.  It's alright.  I know how to handle the bills.

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Andrea said...

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