Jan 20, 2012

Sunscreen Is Not Just For Summer

Are you worried about facial dryness?  Change of seasons can also be the reason why our skin gets dry especially in the winter.  Help your skin stay beautiful all winter long with these simple tips.
  • Moisturizing needs change in the winter.  You may need to switch to a more hydrating moisturizer and use it more frequently.
  • Hot water is drying to skin.  Bathe (or better yet, shower) in luckwarm water.  And always pat dry and moisturize while skin is slightly damp.
  • Sunscreen is not just for summer.  Winter sun can also damage skin, so remember to apply sunscreen to face and hands.
  • Dry, hot indoor air can cause more skin problems than the cold outdoors.  Turn down the thermostat and turn on the humidifier.
  • Harsh peels can strip oil from your skin, and alcohol-based toners are drying - avoid both in winter months.
  • Don't forget your lip balm:  Lips can become chapped and cracked in winter.
And if your skin has problems that needs treatment, see your health provider., Readers Digest January 2011


Jerla Oh lalala said...

ang smorty to dai mharms

sir rob said...

It is indeed not only about summer and we must also understand some necessary information as well.

Lynne said...

Hot water is probably my downfall. It's so chilly in the morning, it just feels good to stand in the hot shower! I need to get in & get out! :-)

Sissym said...

The tips are very important. I live in a city that solar radiation is very strong. I should be more careful, use more and more blockers.