Jan 6, 2012

Smart, Simple Tips For Winter Wonderful Skin

The combination of cold air outside and dry, hot air inside can wreak havoc on your skin.  These simple tips can help.
  • Moisturize more oftn, especially immediately after showering and before bed.
  • Take lukewarm showers and use a moisturizing body wash like Olay Ultra Body Wash, or try Olay Ultra Moisture Soap bar.
  • Use a humidifier to keep inside air from becoming too dry.
  • The skin on your hands is thinner and has fewer oil glands.  Always wear gloves in cold weather, wash hands with warm, not hot, water, water, and moisturize often.
  • If your hands and feet are very dry, moisturize heavily and sleep in cotton socks and gloves at night.

I know more of us women, even men, are struggling with dry skin in the winter.  I guess, with the help of these tips, we can maintain a healthy and moisturized skin all season.

Winter Wisdom from Olay Ultra Moisture

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reyah said...

Good tips, i have a hand cream given to me by my cousin working in saudi arabia, its Glysolid and its effective.