Jan 8, 2012

Weekend Snapshot: A Pleasant Play Day

We had weekend date-me, hubby, and baby.  The plan was to take baby to the Play Area in Stonebriar Centre Mall.  Before that, we went to McKinney and bought a couple of jeans for hubby in Academy.  He likes Wrangler jeans and Academy has a very reasonable price on them.  Then we ate lunch at Panda Super Buffet by Hwy 75.  We had a big lunch.  The seasoning on the food is not overpowering so that's good.  I was not able to eat the dessert because there's no more room in my tummy.

Then we went ahead and drove to the mall.  Hubby haven't been to Stonebriar Centre in Frisco.  I showed him where we go to when I take baby out for a play.  At least he got to get familiar with the place too.  The Play Area is always packed with kids whenever we go there.  My baby enjoys running, crawling, climbing, sliding, and interacting with other kids also.  It was a fun family weekend.


Lalique said...

thanks sis
happy & lucky 2012 too

wish you the best

Sissym said...

Dear friend, with kids all day is pelasure!