Jan 10, 2012

Looking Back 2011-Highlights

Looking back in the year 2011, I can say it has been a good year for me.  Why?
  • Though I was in the early stage of the recovery period (postpartum) from a Cesarian Section delivery, I did the best I could to nurture and take good care of my newborn. And I am so proud that my recovery is a success, and my baby is growing healthier, smarter, and more active everyday.
  • We had great vacation in Oklahoma.  And that was baby's first travel out-of-State.
  • We celebrated the first anniversary of our move back to the house.
  • I resumed making money blogging in 2011.  Because of my inactivity due to the pregnancy in 2010, I haven't gotten any tasks.  Thankful to the Lord that PTB sites gave me another chance.
  • My family stays healthy and well.  And I met new friends too.
I still have a lot to share but I will when I remember.  Well, I am hoping 2012 will also be a wonderful year for me.  How about you?  What are your milestones and accomplishments in 2011?

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