Sep 29, 2012

New Shower Head For The Master Bath

My husband is living in this house for ten years.  Our daughter and I?  Two years.  So it's undeniable that we see some wears inside the house particularly in the laundry area and in the bathrooms.  My husband already repainted two of the four rooms and has two more to go plus the living and dining rooms.  It's gonna be a huge job but he will be accomplishing all of them when we get back from the Holiday vacation next year.

Meanwhile, the shower head in our master bathroom is not functioning very well anymore and needs to be replaced. The water pressure is not desirable to me.  I have been telling my husband about it for some time now and he just started shopping for shower heads few weeks ago.  I want the shower head shown below.  It looks simple but I think it will look nice in our shower room.  It is chrome-finished and looks like easy to clean.  We'll see.  My husband checks Waterworks stores for more selection.  Hopefully we can buy one soon before we leave for vacation.


Sissym said...

A good shower is essential for an awesome bathroom. Hopefully soon he solves it in your home.


Pinx said...

a good shower head can mean relaxing showers and bath. good thing the shower head here in the house are still working fine, so i always take time when i take a bath, to which my hubby doesn't like... :-)