Sep 20, 2012

When Money Is Short

It is undeniable that we need of money nowadays to accommodate our daily needs.  More and more people are getting into lending money to help them solve financial problems.  But is borrowing money the solution? 

Financial loans has become the alternative way to get extra money to pay for important matters like tuition fees.  My parents did that when I was in college.  Because we couldn't afford to pay my school fees in full, my parents applied for a loan.  

Here in Texas, you can be granted with loans easily if you really need it.  There are title loan companies where financial needs can be accommodated. 


Sissym said...

This has been a big problem in Brazil. Today a poll appeared on the evening news saying that families spend 1/4 of salary to pay debts.


Marms said...

Dear my friend,

Honestly, I am very frustrated about how big our monthly bills are. Geez!!!