Sep 20, 2012

We All Need Lots Of Rest

My daughter, husband, and I weren't feeling this past week.  We caught a cold.  Actually, my daughter got it first.  I was guessing from the Storytime the other Friday or, from the grocery store last Monday.  Anyway, the cold virus ran around the house and got us. 

To help us feel better immediately, cleaning the house is important.  Sanitizing the kitchen and bathroom is what I keep doing.  We had cold medicine and vapor rubs ready all the time.  A friend suggested that I boil water so the steam or vapor will serve as dehumidifier in my house.  So I did that too.  Drinking lots of liquid like water, juice, and vegetable juice, and eating good help with the quick remedy.

Gladly, my daughter and I are feeling better now.  Though our noses still run slightly.  Other than that, we're fine.  My husband is still taking a cough medicine.  He needs lots of rest.  Well, we all do.


Sissym said...

I wish you all become good soon. Cold always affects all family members or coworkers.

Marms said...

Hi my dear Sissy,
Thanks for the well wishes. We feel better now. Yup, all we have to do is always take care.


Grewin Al-ag said...

Rest is what I really need.. I've been working 12 hours a day.. sobrang nkakapod.. I'ts like I wanna sleep in our garden shed... cozy.. relaxing...