Feb 20, 2014

A Breezy Afternoon At The Playground

I had no idea how breezy and cool it was today until my darling daughter and I stopped by to spend some time in the playground after the story time at the library.  I didn't have a sweater on.  I saw moms and children wearing their jackets having fun playing in the playground while I was shivering cold.  Good thing I had DD's jacket in the car.  So I put it on her so she won't get cold while running around the playground playing tag with other kids as the breeze was blowing so cold on our faces.

That's always my problem - being forgetful.  I keep forgetting to leave an extra jacket in the car for me to use when the weather suddenly gets cold.  I hate myself for that.  Situations like that makes me uncomfortable. *sigh*

But I let my daughter play for about an hour and a half because she has been asking me about going to the playground.  Somehow I was feeling happy because she's having a great time playing, swinging, and sliding.


Mel Cole said...

I'm sure your daughter is so happy that you got to bond with her in the playground sis :)

Mom2sixCT said...

Don't be so hard on yourself about being forgetful. It happens. It sounds like you both had a blast and that's what matters.