Feb 14, 2014

Weekend Snapshot: Our Happy V!

Our Happy Valentine's Day greetings and chocolates.  
Guess which chocolate belongs to me? ;)

Like I said, we didn't have something big going on Valentine's Day.  I tidied up the house a little bit to get rid of clutters and went to the grocery store to buy a greeting card and Hershey's Kisses chocolates for my dear husband. For most of us, February 14 is the special day of the month.

On his way home, he called and asked me if I want to go out for dinner.  I said I want to dine in at a restaurant nearby because the traffic will be bad for sure.  And so, my family and I had dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant just three miles from the house.

How about you?  What did you do and where did you go on Valentine's Day?


Joy said...

since Valentines fall on a regular working day, we did spent it at home, just cooked a good meal for the family to enjoy and had a dvd movie marathon hehe

genefaith said...

Valentine's Day is also celebrated simply in the house...what's important is we spend the time together having fun:)

Rossel said...

Just like you, we didn't have big celebration last Valentine's Day. Traffic was really bad and restaurants are jam packed so we decided to celebrate it at home. I just cooked lasagna, sushi and crema de fruta.

Olga said...

Valentine's this year went without much fanfare. No dates or fancy dinners. The kids just made simple heart cards for everyone, I gave out chocolates and cooked pasta and brownies for dinner (served pasta in a heart shape :D), hubby brought home flowers and cake. Nothing fancy but still made it a special day for everyone.

Chubskulit Rose said...

We don't go out on Valentine's day because of the crowd. We celebrated at home.