Feb 16, 2014

Birthday Presents From Friends And Loved Ones

My birthday presents. :)
My birthday presents ;) I had a great time on my birthday.  My husband let me go to Oklahoma for some entertainment that morning of my birthday.  It was so enjoyable that I stayed there until eight o'clock in the evening.  I received a bouquet of flowers and greeting cards from friends and loved ones.  A few things I didn't expect was the watch (from cousin), the Versace Eau de Toilette and Versace perfumed lotion, and the $$$ cash from my dear husband's parents.

I posted the Versace perfume in my wishlist.  My husband bought it for me and gave it to me that evening when I got home from Oklahoma.  The perfumed lotion was also a surprise because it was in a package on my doorstep two days after my birthday.  I didn't have a clue who'd give it to me until I read note at the back of shipping label saying it's from my close friend.  Awww!  I gave her a call right away!

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