Mar 8, 2014

Give Your Washer And Dryer A Longer Life

Taking good care of our household items can help us save money.  Why?  Because we do not have to buy replacements for a long time or pay outrageous amount for repairs and stuff.   Household appliances, for example washer and dryer, can have a longer life if we know how to treat them with care.

We can extend the life our washer and dryer--and our clothes, too--by treating our appliances with care on laundry day.  Here's how:

  • Clean the dryer's lin filter after every use.  Occasionally vacuum the chute that houses the filter.
  • Unfasten the duct from the drer at least once a year and vacuum it.
  • Cut down on drying time if your clothes consistently come out wrinkled.  That means you're overdrying.
  • On nice days, skip the dryer completely by installing and using a clothesline.
  • Avoid overloading your washing machine with comforters, rugs and large blankets.  Look in your owner's manual to learn how much weight your washer's tub can handle.
  • Balance your load.  Washers can fail when heavy loads bang around in and unbalanced machine.
  • Replace your incoming water intake hoses every five years, even if they look OK.  Older hoses are prone to bursting.
Also, we can save energy this way.



Kelli Avery said...

My kids have been learning to do their own laundry off and on and as much as it drives me nuts at times, I know it's something they need to learn. I should post this list for them to read!

Sharon Martin said...

Thanks for the tips, I am terrible at overloading our washing machine.

nova hedges said...

I do find this tips very quite useful especially for those who are a washer dryer owner.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Thanks for these helpful tips Mare. Cleaning the lint section from every load is very important.

AdinB said...

These are some good tips to know and remember. I do the same thing, and on a really good day, I hang clothes outside. The clothes that are sun dried just smell wonderful. Or if it is not a good day, I just have my clothes drying on a dryer rack in the laundry room. Still saves money drying clothes.

Jhady said...

Thanks for these tips, I am guilty of overloading my washing machine and dryer. I just want to get things done fast not knowing that I am damaging my machines.

Amiable Amy said...

Insightful suggestions! Our washer and dryer is two years old and it works great. I will be doing some of what you suggested. Dropping by here.