Mar 17, 2014

Muay Thai – The Best Way to Lose Weight

Losing weight is most effective if we make a combination of two things – healthy diet and exercise. Muay Thai is a combat sport that can also be viewed as an exercise that burns a lot of calories in a relatively short time. This intense training trend is found in many Muay Thai Camps. Muay Thai is also a mental and physical workout because concentration is required in order to master some moves and skills. Muay Thai can be practiced by both men and women especially when they are looking for an effective way to lose weight.


Several studies have confirmed that an one hour Muay Thai training session can burn up to 600 calories (this depends on the weight of the person that is performing the training – the higher the weight the more calories are burnt). Knowing the exact amount of calories that you can burn is important because you can easily calculate the calories that you take through your diet and the amount that you can burn.


If you are practicing a diet with lower amount of calories and actively train Muay Thai your amount of weight loss will significantly increase. According to some statistics the number of successful dieters who don’t exercise is very low and that’s why training is essential. A lot Muay Thai trainers can help with your diet and of course you can consult your doctor, too. Muay Thai training requires lots of energy so you must keep some level of calorie intake. In this way you will stay strong and fit.
As you can see Muay Thai can be very helpful if you are looking for a way to lose weight. If you want to have real, traditional training sessions we suggest you visit Thailand where you can choose from hundreds of different Muay Thai camps. In order to save you some time we will suggest you a camp that is very popular among people who want to lose weight through Muay Thai training and that is Suwit Muay Thai camp located in the stunning Phuket Island . You can read more at BestMuayThai news in March 2014 .  For a cheap price you can get a room in this camp enjoy the beautiful nature and practice Muay Thai training while losing weight.

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DeDa Studios said...

This is a new program for me. I have never heard of Muay Thai. Checking it out! 600 calories in one hour is a lot!

MikiHope said...

I have never heard of this type of training before. I doubt I will ever be able to get to Thailand to visit one of those camps--although I sure would like to.

ReviewsSheROTE Pamela R said...

very good information...sounds like a great way to loose weight.

savannah said...

I like that you say Muay Thai can burn a lot in a short amount of time. With 2 little boys my biggest excuse for not exercising is not having them time. If Muay Thai is quick and effective it would cure that promblem :)

Lame Shrill Owl said...

I had not heard of this form of exercise. Maybe I will start seeing these classes in the next year.

debbie jean mcmullen said...

that sounds interesting! and I def wouldnt mind burning 600 cals