Mar 29, 2014

Lighted Curio Cabinet - Oak

Finally, I found a lighted curio cabinet.  I have been wanting to buy one ever since.  This was also sold from a garage sale and good thing I was the first one who negotiated the price to the seller.  Gladly she accepted my offer.  I checked this type of lighted curio cabinet online and they're quite costly.  I saw a similar corner lighted curio cabinet in oak priced at $299.00.  This one I bought for $60 and still in excellent condition.  The glass shelves are complete and intact.

Hauling this piece of home furniture wasn't a joke because I picked this up by myself.  Yes, it's true.  My dear husband was at work and couldn't get at least a half day off because they're busy.  He just let me use his pick up truck.  With all my strength, I was able to lift the curio onto the back of the truck.  I felt soreness on my shoulders the next day.

Scared of it flying over board, the seller suggested to have it tied around to prevent from moving.  Thankfully there's a Lowe's store located close by that I stopped to buy a rope.  I humbly asked one of the staff who was currently gathering the shopping carts in the parking lot to help me tie the furniture in the truck.  I was so happy that he helped.

Our new lighted curio.
I was driving five miles less the speed limit on the superhighway.  That is to confident that the speed won't cause the furniture to tumble.


Stephanie Manning said...

Wow! It's beautiful, and even more so considering the deal you got for it. I love finding great deals like that!

Cindy Batchelor said...

Very pretty! I would love to have something like this in my house!

valmg @ Mom Knows It All said...

My Mom has a few like that, and you're right, they sell for a lot. Nice deal you found!

The Secret Life of a SAHM said...

This is so nice! I love it when you can find good deals on stuff.

Michelle Knopp said...

What a great deal! I would have hauled this myself too. Kudos to you!

Mharms said...

Thank you all! I think so too. So I grabbed the opportunity when the seller accepted my offer. ;)