Sep 6, 2009

An Alternative Source Of Income

I can say that I am getting to the point where earning money with my blogs can be an alternative source of income. Yes, it is true. In fact, the portion of the budget for the gifts that I will be bringing home came from my online jobs. Though I have to be paid monthly, still, there is something coming.

Admit that you are blogging for money too. In tough situations like this, we look for an alternative to earn extra income. And the opportunity on learning how to make money blogging the things we love came. The door to online jobs opened. Of course, the more opportunity you have, the more money you get. But, sharing a blessing is not bad. Revenue sharing to those who are in need can make a big difference.


Zephyr Girl said...

hi friend,
Thanks for showing interest.i feel that your blog has a lot of potential, wat i m suggesting is that, if you agree i will become a co-author of your blog and i will register your blog with the sponsors, after getting the sponsors approval they will send us ads,it is like writing post and we earn money for each and every ad being posted. Through out the day we will be receiving the ads, its an wonderful opportunity to make money. As a co-author i will not be able to put new blog posts or remove your old posts, so there is no need for any apprehension.I can assure you that there will be no please do reply.

marife said...

thanks for this info, visiting here , have a lovely monday :)

my pink notes said...

hello there,

thanks for dropping by at my pink notes. goodluck with the driving and i hope that you (we) can make it. :D

would you lbe interested in exchanging links with me?


teJan said...

hi, sure we can exlinks! added u already, thanks for this info and see you around!

good day!

Malou said...

hi dearest bago naman ba itong blog mo or change layout hehe

sorry di ko nabasa lahat post mo
take care :-)

imelda said...

yes i agree with u sis.hapi wendnesday.

jenie said...

yeah, it's nice to have this blogging esp for stay home moms like me=)

BTW thanks for visiting. will link you in my heartQUAKES as well!

jenie said...

infact, you're linked already! you're one of the few chosen ones to be outrightly included=)

see yah again friend!

dom said...

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I have added you to my bloggerfriends, hope you can do the same thing for me so that we can have constant communication.