Sep 11, 2009

For Your Personal Safety

Protecting our lives and properties against harm is very important. Our home is one of the most valuable property we well as our lives. Theft, injury, health problems, and the like are not welcome.

But we come along with circumstances when we, even our property, get threatened with these harmful elements. Everyone in our home should be protected. Life alert systems can be a big help because of their high technology capacity to signal help 24/7.

So you know, my associate at work had her home installed with security system. Living alone, it is very significant for her to protect not only herself but also her possessions. Good idea, right? Security and safety in the home should not be taken for granted.


my pink notes said...

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kumagcow said...

Security alert! ehehehe

Hey I just had a photoshoot in the streets of Manila, visit me too please! Thanks!

marifen said...

Visiting today on a lovely friday afternoon,and reading your post. happy friday! :)

Ruby said...

Hi Mar, Thanks a lot for the postcards..finally have it today..thanks for the kind words all of them..take care!

Euroangel said...

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rinto said...

It's very important to have security system in our home. Especially if we stay alone

Anonymous said...

Just when I thought I've seen it all! A week ago I stumbled on and saw their wireless night-vision surveillance cameras hidden inside fake rocks and artificial tree stumps for outdoor home security. They actually look realistic!!! (Their website has a cool section with photos of spy gadgets and hidden cameras throughout history too). What next??? LOL!

Cool blog btw, ;)

Mhar's Display said...

@ my pinknotes
i appreciate you vienna.keep in touch.

@ kumagcow
yep, we need security always.
by the way, your photos are cool.

@ marifen
thanks a lot for stopping by
hope to see you again.

@ ruby
i am glad you liked the postcards. you are welcome about the note :)

@ euroangel
hope to see and meet you here in TX. i am looking forward to that.

@ rinto
these days you are not sure of what will come to you. that is why security at home or anywhere is important for our protection.

@ anonymous
I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment in my post. I just hope you leave your link so I can get back to you.thanks for the compliment though.