Sep 5, 2009

Jessica Simpson's Fancy Love

The buying and preparation of gifts (pasalubong) to family and friends are starting now. As in now. Though we just sent a package few weeks ago, my honey want to get something special for my family.

Our travel date is fixed and final. All we need to do now is to confirm all hotel reservations in Cebu, Leyte, and Manila. My time on the Internet may be limited but I will still do my jobs. Keeping in touch with you guys is one of those.

We went to Ridgemar Mall yesterday. My honey bought some fragrances in a department store. I told him to do it online but he wants to smell the perfumes personally. That is fine. I love going to the mall anyway. My youngest sister will be very delighted with what my honey bought for her. It is Jessica Simpson's new scent called Fancy Love. It has a sweet smell and just suited for a teenager like my sister. I think we got all the women in the family covered with the perfumes, but he wants to buy some more...just in case.


dhemz said... can't drop the EC kasi you need to log in on your EC account first then see if you can see the "Drop" word.

It happened to me dati....ganyan kasi mangyari pag madami ka EC account..ako din I have!

hope you can fix need to download the EC toolbar para mabilis...Mozzila ang gamit mong browser? mabilis kasi ang mozilla kaysa ibang browser...good luck!

Nanaybelen said...

just came to visit Mhars

texas_sweetie said...

waaaaaa ka nice ninyo oi .. when mo manguli babay? kuyog ko beh?? ka swerti sa naghuwat kay lami au pasalubong ay..weeww perfumes d raba na barato gawas ug e sale!

S-H-Y said...

Humot jd bia ning mga pahumot ni Jessica, love to buy this one soon :P..

Mhar's Display said...

@ demcy
thanks you for the help. i was logged in my EC but still i cannot see the Drop. But when I figured the reason why, yun...i can drop EC again.

@ nanay belen
i appreciate you nanay belen

@ texas_sweetie
we are leaving this coming October. Hahaha! sure you can come with us...just get your tickets fast :)

@ shy
you should buy this Fancy Love by Jessica Simpson because it is new and it has a sweet scent.