Nov 23, 2009

Breakfast In Five Minutes

As usual, I checked my offline messages in Yahoo messenger (YM) this morning. You know, I like YM better than MSN messenger because you can send messages to your friends even if they are offline. In MSN messenger, you cannot. You will be directed to send an email instead. I do not like it. What I do is, I check my offline messages first before emails.

Anyway, I saw my friend N online (she is on a day off too).

Me: Hi N, what are you doing?
N: Hi Mhar, good morning. I'm eating breakfast...
Argentina corned beef with eggs,
rice, and coffee.
Me: Wow, sounds delicious! Sarap-buhay :)
N: Lolz...hey, come by and I will give you some of these
or maybe come here at the apartment and eat breakfast with me.
Me: Sure. Five minutes and I'll be right there.

Then I grabbed my keys, locked the doors, and headed to N's place. 'Had a good breakfast. Thanks N!


poray said...

ei, tenks for the visit...taud2 jud ka nawala sa sirkulasyon no? musta mn ang leyte dako na kausaban? hehehe...happy thanksgiving!

eleanor said...

really miss corned beef so much