Nov 22, 2009

Investment On Stocks

I received a letter from the company's retirement provider. It states that I am elected to change my income investment to a certain percentage. What??? I do not remember filling in any paper work for anything! I had my husband re-read the letter and asked him to explain to me what its about. He said that the company will deduct the certain percentage from my income for an investment on stocks. Stocks? He said it is not bad. But the status of the investment will depend on the stock market. Really...?

I heard that some people invest their money on stocks online trading and they gain profits from it. Basically, what they do is sell or trade the stocks that they bought and gain dividends (profit) in the market. Becoming an online broker is difficult. A knowledge in stock market and investment management is essentially needed for you to become successful in online stock trading.

What the letter is implying bothers me. My husband told me to speak with somebody at work who can explain to me fully about the stock investment thing. I have no idea on this.


Iceman said...

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Wilma said...

I wanted to invest stocks, but hubby disagree, because once the stockmarket goes down you will loose much money. Like what happend to our market recently,lot of people were getting panic when the stocks went down for several times.
Hubby taught me how to invest and how much money do I need to start investing,etc..etc.. but still couldn't understand 100% haha.
Ok trust funds are enough. hahay buhay :)