Nov 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Bunny Teeth :B


josie said...

thanks Mharms for dropping by,
the water looks cool!

Jona said...

hahaha =D may ganong effect.

here’s one lovely blog award for you. thanks!

beevs said...

hi mharms..thanks for always dropping by. i'm glad you had a great vacation here in the PI. :)

jenie said...

woootwhooow! sexy ha mare!

hi! your visit today will be greatly appreciated friend...moreso with a message ;)

Mhar's Display said...

@ josie
I prefer to swim in the morning so I can feel and enjoy the coolness of the water (whether at the beach or pool). Yes, the water really is cold.

@ Jona
Oo. The camera captured the water dropping from the mushroom in the pool when he was taking a picture of me and my sister. I think it is funny.

@ beevee
you are welcome. Yes we truly had a wonderful time in PI.

@ jenie
Hahaha! Trying to look sexy kunyari :)


vienna said...


ka-se-sexy naman ng mga ineng!


nga pala, would you like to ex-link with one of my blogs? i started a new one kasi :

AngelBaby said...

Oh, how nice. I would love to go for a swim anytime. I love swimming.

Have a wonderful day!

Love and Blessings,

Yen said...

sexy naman tlga. I miss swimming

kathy said...

Sexy mo naman sis!

Maria said...

Haha, bunny teeth nga! But I must say, you are sexy!

Lindz said...

ang ganda ng katawan ah... nice blue water with two beauties... thanks for visiting em back.. gald to meet a leyteana

Mhar's Display said...

@ vienna, angelbaby, Yen, kathy, maria

thank you for the compliments :)
sana ma-maintain ko ang aking petite na katawan.

@ lindz
glad to meet you also lindz.
i hope everything's well with you.


vienna said...

hello again Mhar,

I added you na in :)

In-add din kita sa, hopefully ia-add mo rin sa blogroll mo. :)

Many thanks!