Nov 1, 2009

Two Lovely Resorts In Leyte

We are back! 'Arrived DFW Airport at 9:50 yesterday morning. Now, I am feeling the blues because I am missing my family already. My husband and I know it will be fine because we really had a great time with them. We spent the whole time in two resorts in Leyte...Baybayon ni Agalon in Albuera and Sabin Resort Hotel in Ormoc City.

Since my honey's first visit to Leyte, Sabin Resort Hotel has been his favorite place to stay in Ormoc. Besides being close to my hometown (Kananga), the resort is also 5-8 minutes away from the city proper of Ormoc. We like going to town riding a tricycle. My honey calls it a trike :)

Baybayon ni Agalon is 10-15 minutes away South of Ormoc City. We heard about its beautiful location (by the shore). The resort has a beautiful landscape, quiet, and green surroundings. What makes this resort remarkable because it has a very appealing pool that children would really enjoy swimming in its cool waters (with slides and all that). Plus, Baybayon ni Agalon has two Ostriches by the entrance.

If you want to check more, visit Baybayon ni Agalon at and Sabin Resort Hotel at Another thing, double check the accommodation rates before placing a room reservation.

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