Nov 26, 2009

International Travel And Tours Experience

Seems like it was yesterday when my honey and I had a vacation back home. The enjoyable family reunion is still fresh in my mind. We had a wonderful time with my family back home.

I met my friends and former office mates too. One of my girl friends just arrived from her trip to Europe. She was very happy to see me and met my husband at the same time. We talked a lot of things including her traveling. She said she had a very nice tour to Spain. The country is beautiful and she saw things that are similar to the Philippines'. Philippines has Spanish influence you know. My friend's traveling was very memorable for her because that was the first time she had a rental car. Car Hire Spain gave her the chance to explore the cities of the country that she find interesting. Besides getting a good rate on car rental, she was given the opportunity to drive the first class cars offered by the car hire company.

It feels great to have sharing of experiences like that. In that way, we get familiar with places that we might want to visit in the future.

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Rajesh said...

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ella said...

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