Nov 8, 2009

Pasalubong Or Gifts

Distributed the pasalubong or gifts to my workmates today. I brought them some dried fruits such as mangoes, jackfruit, and tamarind. Also I brought some fresh water pearls for my manager and girl friends. There are a couple of coconut whisky or lambanog which I will be giving to my boss. I hope he will like it. He does not have to try it if he does not want to. 'Will not hurt my a collection display is fine.

My friends in and out of Texas asked me a favor to buy something from the Philippines, then I will just ship the stuff to them. So now I am occupied with packaging and sending stuff to my friends.

The pasalubong we brought for my honey's family is still in the bag. I have to take care of that, too, before Thanksgiving comes.


texas_sweetie said...

maayoha gud nimo sugot man ka magbalang balang sa ilang mga sugo hehe.. ako d ko palabot kay bug-at na ako own bagahi naa pa jud bata!

jenie said...

visiting again...wishing you a wonderful week ahead =)