Apr 30, 2011

What Princess Kate And I Have In Common?

Although I did not make it to attending the Royal Wedding in London because of a personal commitment, I enjoyed watching it on television in the comfort of my home.  Why not?  It is a part of the world's history.  This is one of the big advantages of technology.  Witnessing one of the most important event of the century thru satellite.  

The wedding was solemnly held at Westminster Abbey in London.  Huge crowd witnessed the ceremony.  I admire how organized and well-controlled the crowd was.  Prince William looked very handsome in his attire.  The bride, Kate Middleton, looked very lovely in her wonderfully made wedding gown. 

Oh, you know what?  Princess Kate and I have two things in common.  She was wearing a tiara on her wedding day...I was too.  And, we are both Spring brides.

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margaret said...

good to know ( : keep writing.

Mhar's Display said...

thank you margaret

Sissym said...

And you two are the queens of the home!