Aug 12, 2011

Pre-wedding Party For Her

I had dinner with a new acquainted friend from PI this evening.  Actually, she invited me to the party.  It's a pre-wedding party for her and her sister-in-law.  She told me it is as Gumbo Party because her fiance is from Louisiana.  It is going to be a double wedding tomorrow!  I cannot go to the wedding though.  Conflict of schedule.

But before I head to the party, I drove by to my cousin's newly built house.  Her house is completely finished and, I guess, it needs to be cleaned then she and her family can move any time they want after the closing.  Oh I am so happy for my cousin.  She will be living close.

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Colleen said...

Isn't it nice to meet new people and then be invited out? What fun! I hope you enjoyed the party.

Rise And Shine said...

Hi there thanks for visited my blog and left a comment.

Congrats to your friend.

shengy said...

congrats to her

Vinkay said...

blogwalking :)