Aug 31, 2011

Happy Moment

Our family is very grateful, especially my father, to God above for giving us the chance to find his long lost sister.  Lots of thanks to my relative, Facebook as well, and to the Internet in general.  I knew that one day we will find her. 

My other aunt sent me the profile page in Facebook.  And it was confirmed that she is my father's older sister.  When she named my father in her message to me, I was convinced.  We started exchanging messages the next day telling her information about her siblings and our family.  Then she called her siblings one by one.  Oh that was a very happy moment for them both.  Imagine, more than 40 years my father did not hear any news or word from her until two days ago.  What a wonderful advance Christmas gift.  Don't you think?


Cacai M. said...

Indeed, a great Christmas present! Thanks to Facebook! :-)

chubskulit said...

That's awesome mare. I recently found a long lost friend din in FB..

Sissym said...

I am feeling happy too with this good news! It is amazing!