Nov 21, 2011

Our Skin Needs Deep Hydration

Taking care of our skin is very important especially in Fall and Winter season.  Because during these season, our skin is the most dry. 

My skin dries severely in the cold months.  I used a lotion for dry skin with vitamin E before.  But after a while, I am not liking it anymore.  I tried different types of lotions like those with deep hydration.  I need to stick with only one.  When I heard that Dial is launching their lotion product, I thought it would be nice to try this.  I got a sample the Dial NutriSkin Replenishing Lotion.  It smells refreshing.  I hope this will work on my skin this time.

And most importantly, I have to strictly follow the skin care tips so I will feel better.


Sissym said...

I dont know this one, maybe has in Brazil.
Yes, it is important take care the skin.
I do everyday.


jaylen watkins said...

During this season when the skin becomes dry we need to take care it utmost. N number of products are there to make look skin beautiful. We need to be careful while choosing one.

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