Jun 5, 2012

First Harvest From The Vegetable Garden 2012

My husband watered the vegetable garden this morning.  He told me, on the phone, that my green peppers got some big ones already.  When he came home from work we walked down to the garden together and I was surprised that our vegetables are bearing.  Here's my first harvest, a few green peppers.  They are good for soup and do-it-yourself sauce.

My husband is happy to see that the tomatoes are out too.  Though it will take a long time for them to turn red, we cannot wait to harvest them also.  The string beans are growing more than two inches every day since he placed those bamboo poles.  Seems like they are waiting for something to wrap their vines with before clinging to the trellis. 

The garden is scheduled for a plant food again in a couple of weeks.  So they will be very happy getting their food again.


EastCoastLife said...

Lovely! Would love to grow some vegetables if I have a garden. :)

Marms said...

Thanks ECL. Yes at least these will save some bucks from buying at the grocery store :)