Jun 6, 2012

Stress Affects Our Health

A friend of mine had a baby shower Sunday.  Although she's currently living in New York, she did not forget to sent us an invitation.  Aw, bless her heart.  This is going to be her first baby so every one in her family is very excited for baby's arrival.  The couple are getting ready for the new baby.

Health issues always concern my friend.  She worries too much.  I told her to take it easy and not to think about things that will stress her.  Her pregnancy will get affected and also her baby if she continues to keep all those worries in her mind.  There are good health care in New York.  My friend can find a good hospital to deliver her baby.  In fact, she can check on for hospitals nearby.  And just in case they move before their daughter comes out, she can also check for a health provider on the website.

I keep telling my friend that we are blessed because our husbands provide for the welfare of our families.  Plus, the insurance coverage for our health care is totally satisfying.  Nobody wants to have a health issue that causes bothersome.  So as a friendly advice, I told her not to stress out with nonsense.  Talking to someone always helps relieve stress.

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