Jun 24, 2012

Greeting Card Received

I just talked to my aunt two days ago and she said she sent a greeting card for my dad's birthday.  She was asking me if he already got the card.  When I chatted with my youngest sister on Facebook this afternoon, she said that my dad received the birthday greeting card a week ago.  Well, he does not have an access to the Internet.  My sister is the one who conveys messages to our aunt.  

My long lost aunt lives in New York right now.  We haven't seen her and her family for so many years until recently.   Thanks to social networking.  Her daughter just moved two months ago that is why my aunt is kind of busy helping her in the new house.  Also the reason that her time online is limited.  I know how difficult moving is especially if the new place is farther away.  When my husband and I moved to an apartment for a job-related reason, I just arrived here in the US and still in the process of relieving the jet lag.  When we arrived to the new place, it's clean and ready for occupancy.  The bedrooms are all carpeted.  My husband told me that the apartment admin is responsible to contact cleaners like expert carpet cleaning nyc to fully clean and sanitize the carpets, and if necessary replace the carpeting.

I understand my aunt's limited time on the Internet right now.  I wish my cousin all the best with her new home.  And my father is happy that his sister did not forget to send him greetings on his birthday.

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