Jun 6, 2012

Nasty Weather Today

Well, I did my best with organizing in the house for two days.  Despite of a severe thunderstorm in our area that causes a few power interruption, I was able to finish my laundry and baking.  I thought I would let my sister-in-law and her daughter to sleep in our bedroom tonight.  So I quickly changed sheets.  There was a pack of brownie mix in the pantry so I baked brownies immediately before the end of the day.  

The weather started to become nasty late this afternoon.  My husband called and check with me and my little one.  He said it was haling in Plano.  Thank God we just had lots of rain but no hale.  Unusual for the month of June, this big rain is good.  I was thinking of going to the grocery store to buy a chuck roast for tomorrow's dinner.  Since the rain was pouring very hard, I decided to go when my husband came home from work.

My husband's mother and sister with her little girl arrived at about 9 P.M. this evening.  Good thing I got home earlier from grocery shopping.  We have lots of things to do for tomorrow's luncheon.  As usual, my little princess was very happy to see her grandma, aunt, cousin.  She almost did not want to go to bed because she wants be with Na-na.  Aw, bless her heart.

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