Jun 11, 2012

Tatay Turns 60!

It's my Tatay's birthday today.  He is 60 years old.  We are thankful that he is keeping himself healthy.  My family back home had a small birthday party for Tatay.  My mother prepared a few dish for the party.  My siblings contributed some amount of money for the cake and softdrinks. 

My tatay  was very delighted to receive his birthday gift.  A bottle of Polo Ralph Lauren men's cologne.  "I've been wishing for this.  I haven't smelled this fragrance for years until today", he said.  It's his favorite cologne.  Good.  'Glad he likes it.

Tatay's birthday cake.

Wishing you more birthdays, tatay.  We love you so much.  Advance Happy Father's Day!

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